March 15 & 16, 2019

The Family of God: Together, in Worship, On Mssion

Pat Pajak

Pat will bring us messages from God's Word.

Pat will bring us messages from God's Word.

Colton Seamans


Colton will lead us in worship. 

Shelley Noonan


Shelley will show us how

to worship as a family.

Dr. Joseph Yang


Dr. Joseph Yang, North Region Pastoral Leader of the Hmong Baptist National Association, will lead breakouts for Hmong church leaders. 

Tamiko Jones


Tamiko Jones, Texas WMU executive director treasurer,  will lead us to take our families on mission.

Dr. Leo Endel


Dr. Leo Endel, executive director of the MWBC will describe what the family of God is doing together.

Ministry to Everyone in the Family

Student Worship and Breakouts


Students will have their own worship service and breakouts in Brayton Case.

Ministry to Children


Ministry to children will be provided during plenary sessions and breakouts

Nursery Care Provided


 Care for infants and toddlers will be provided in a room adjacent to the plenary sessions. 

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